The Runaway King

The Runaway King - Jennifer A. Nielsen Actual rating: 3.5 stars

I usually don't rate books with half stars. But I was very on the fence with the Runaway King.

I really enjoyed most of the book. Only a couple things annoyed me. Firstly, it seems like everyone loves Jaron. He is so special and he defeats all the bad guys easily. Even the villains liked him! What the heck?! In the first book, Jaron was an underdog. Even with impossible odds against him, he managed to triumph. It was that underdog that I grew to adore. In Runaway King, it seemed too easy. Also, I prefer the name Sage over Jaron.

Imogen. I don't like her. At all. In the False Prince, she was super annoying and should have been kept to the sidelines. Here she is featured more prominently in the story, and this time, she's not annoying. Worse; she is about as interesting as a blank sheet of paper. She is bland and lifeless and she has no personality. Not to mention, she needs constant saving. I have to admit this; Imogen could have been Sage's kickass sidekick (who is able to defend herself), but Jennifer Nielsen turned her into a damsel in distress who can't save herself ever and needs Sage to come running to her rescue. She needs the MAN to save her. You see why I'm annoyed?!

Yeah, that's it. I'm out of steam.

Still debating whether I'm going to read the third book