Smart Girls Get What They Want

Smart Girls Get What They Want - Sarah Strohmeyer This is a cute little YA book about three girls who have been best friends pretty much their whole lives, and how they branch out and expand their horizons.

It felt a little young for YA, so I think this book will be perfect for 12-14 year olds.

I loved the three leads. Bea (short for Beatrice), Neerja and Gigi were all really smart, "nerdy" girls who, after finding Neerja's older sister's yearbook almost devoid of signatures, decide to try new things in order to be more social. I loved all three protagonists, but I feel like not enough time was spent on Bea's story. I wish we could've seen more of her.

I liked the light romance between Gigi and Mike, and also the one between Neerja and Henry. I only wish Neerja had broken up with Justin sooner, he was an idiot.

Overall, this was a sweet, light YA book, but not great enough to receive more than three stars.