Purity - Jackson Pearce I did enjoy Purity, a lot more than I thought I would. I liked Shelby, she was endearing and I saw her grow and change through the story. I liked her friendship with Ruby and the friendship/romance with Jonas. I thought her memories of her mother were sweet.

And most of all, I loved her relationship with her father, it was really sweet. My father and I are really close, so I could sorta relate to Shelby.

Normally, I would like that religion wasn't a big theme in the book. I am religious, but don't really enjoy reading books where religion/faith is the central point of the book. However, in Purity, with the issues of sex and virginity, religion is kind of a given. But it wasn't a main theme and that was weird. Really weird.

Another thing was, Purity had some serious themes, but the book felt too light and fluffy. It was a weird mix of somber and light & fun. I felt the author handled the issues of sex and virginity too lightly, and those are serious things.

The final problem I had with Purity is this; why did Shelby realize AFTER having sex with Jeffrey that she actually had feelings for Jonas?!

But other than that, I was pleasantly surprised by Purity. It had good writing, nice characters and I really liked the fact that there was no slut-shaming or judging women for their sexual preferences.

Three stars.