White Cat

White Cat - Holly Black

Edit 8/9/14- Looking back, I don't know why I didn't give this more stars. I loved Red Glove and Black Heart. So I am going back and editing my rating and review.

Summary: In an alternate-reality version of the US, there are people with magical abilities and can manipulate memories, emotion, dreams or can kill you with a single touch. They are called curse workers. Our protagonist, Cassel, comes from one such family. His brothers, mother and grandfather all are workers. He is the only "normal" one. When Cassel starts sleepwalking and having dreams about a strange white cat who wants to tell him something, it becomes obvious that not everything is as it seems. As he investigates, he must face a familiar face from his past and find out who is conning him. And why. 

My thoughts: After reading several glowing reviews of White Cat, I decided to give it a try. It was amazing. I enjoyed it a lot. I adore the protagonist Cassel. He was a very well-rounded and relatable lead and 
I appreciate it when a male main character sounds authentically masculine. 

I thought the mystery aspect was very enthralling. The first few chapters are engrossing and hard to put down. The thing is, after the big reveal (I won't spoil it, but it involves the identity of the white cat Cassel is seeing in his dreams) things kind of slow down. The second half wasn't as interesting as the first half. But it wasn't bad. 

Overall, I thought that White Cat was a great YA novel, and I highly recommend it.