Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry - Mildred D. Taylor So my class is finally done reading Roll of Thunder. Here are my thoughts.

I guess this is an important book to read, but one scene irked me a bit (warning! There will be spoilers!)

So when Cassie and her family go to Strawberry, Lillian Jean Simms (a white girl) humiliates her. Cassie responds by slowly gaining Lillian Jean's trust and becoming her friend, then luring her into the forest and beating her up to get revenge. It's only human to want to get revenge on someone who wronged you. But my classmates and I were having a debate on whether the risk of getting killed in retaliation by the KKK was worth it. I decided no, it was not. A lot of my classmates disagreed with me. Their argument was; it was better to make a stand about racism and segregation than to be a coward and just keep your head down. One of my classmates said (I'm paraphrasing) that since the KKK Is already looking for any excuse to attack Cassie and her family because they are African American, so why not be a hero by standing up to segregation? That's good in theory, but in this book Cassie attacked Lillian Jean for petty revenge, not to make a stand about segregation and the evils of racism. So why would you risk your and your family's lives by giving the KKK a reason to target you?! When, in the end, you accomplished nothing?!

I'm sorry, but this scene kinda bothered me and I didn't get to rant about this to my classmates because everyone else was talking.

This is an important book about the evils of racism and how deeply it can hurt others. But, personally, I did not enjoy it all that much. I recognize it is an important book and it has merit, so three stars.