The Rose Society - Marie Lu

Well, that was an intense adrenaline rush of a book.


And I thought Adelina was dark in the last book. She's power hungry and vengeful and angry and terrifying, but oh so interesting to read about. It's fascinating to be in her head, but also emotionally draining and toxic. Damn. What an experience.

As scary as Adelina, she's got nothing on Teren. He has completely lost his marbles. I feel sorry for him, but I'm also terrified and disgusted by him.


Okay, does anyone else ship Raffaele and Enzo? I know Enzo and Adelina is semi-canon, but NO. No I don't ship that at all. I don't ship Adelina with anyone.
I ship Raffaele and Enzo because those two have history. They have been friends for a long time. Adelina barely knows Enzo, not to mention she's a fucking monster who isn't really capable of love.
So yeah. Raffaele and Enzo. Totally ship it. <3


The other characters are not nearly as interesting as Adelina. I mean, I do like Magiano, but I don't truly care about the other characters.


Also, so much action! It's awesome and oh so entertaining.


I'm so glad I read this. Now, onto book 3! Here's hoping it does not disappoint.