Reconstructing Amelia - Kimberly McCreight

Wow, this was intense. It was hard to get into at first, but after the first couple chapters I was enthralled. I couldn't put it down.


All the terrible shit Amelia went through with the club and the hazing and the girls harassing her? It made me thank my lucky stars that I've never had to experience that for myself. I have good friends who actually give a damn about me, and this book made me remember that I'm so fucking lucky. Amelia was a complex, complicated young woman with her whole life ahead of her, and I really enjoyed her chapters. I really liked her and I'm really sad she died.


I did not see that ending coming! There were so many twists and turns and it was so exciting. This was also a sad read. I didn't cry, but it made my heart hurt.


My only complaint is that there's a few plot developments that seem irrelevant? But I guess every mystery needs some red herrings.


Tl;dr version- Overall I really recommend this one. It's a nice good mystery.