Haunted - Meg Cabot

Well this series took a turn for the worst. I love The Mediator series. I adore Suze and her tough, kickass nature. And I've grown fond of the other characters: Suze's stepbrothers, Jesse, CeeCee, to name a few. I do like this series. But Haunted was probably the worst book in this series so far.


Paul is a pushy, invasive, patronizing piece of shit who does not understand the meaning of the word "no", and I hate him with the fire of a thousand suns. Someone kill him.


There's literally nothing happening in this one. There's just some love triangle-esque, romantic angsty bullshit. Can Suze and Jesse just admit they have feelings for each other so Suze can get back to ghost busting and kicking ass? Ugh.


I have two simple requests for the next book: Suze needs to resume her badassery, and Paul needs to fuck off. That's literally it.


Tl;dr version- So fucking disappointed with this one. Paul is the bane of my existence. He literally ruined the entire book.