On a Lee Shore - Elin Gregory

I have so many thoughts about this book, it's kind of hard to know where to start.


The thing about this book is that I expected the wrong things. I expected the romance to be in the forefront of the story, but the romance is more of a subplot. I ended up enjoying it, true, but it was a unsettling surprise when the romance ended up being not the center of the story.


I have mixed feelings about the romance. On the one hand, Kit and Griffin have a genuine chemistry and I really liked seeing the romance progress. And there were a few sexy moments. But (and this is a big thing)...sometimes Griffin was an asshole. He would lose his temper, act rude, a few times he was violent and I didn't like that at all. So love-hate feelings about the romance in this one

I liked most of the characters, but there were so many it was hard to feel a true connection to them. The only one is Kit, really. I do like him quite a lot.
Also, side note: this is a heavily male-dominated story. There's literally only one or two female characters with speaking lines, and they're just minor characters. And since this is both an m/m and historical fiction I guess I should've expected it, but I still didn't like it.


Sometimes the writing just skips over events with a summary sentence instead of actually showing what happened. And that was annoying af.


Despite all my complaints, I did really enjoy this. I was scared towards the end that it would be sad, but never fear, there is an HEA. and it was so sweet. And I do love me some pirates :)


Tl;dr version- The only way I can sum up my feelings on this is love-hate. Loved some parts, hated others, and yet others I only mildly like. I would recommend it, just expect the romance to not be the main story.