Am I Blue?: Coming Out From the Silence - Marion Dane Bauer, Lois Lowry, Francesca Lia Block, Nancy Garden, James Cross Giblin, Ellen Howard, M. E. Kerr, Jonathan London, Jacqueline Woodson, Bruce Coville, Gregory Maguire, Lesléa Newman, Jane Yolen, Cristina Salat, William Sleator, C.S. Adler, Beck Underwood

This is a solid group of short stories. My favorite story was "Michael's Little Sister" by C.S Adler. I didn't have much of an emotional response to any of the others, but most of the stories were good and I did enjoy them. The only one I actually disliked is "Blood Sister" by Jane Yolen.


I have only a few criticisms. First of all, in the first story ("Am I Blue?" by Bruce Coville) there is an off hand comment by one of the characters that I thought was kind of biphobic. That was mildly irritating, but whatever. Perhaps I misinterpreted it.


Also, this anthology was published in 1994. That's 22 years ago! A lot of things have changed in those years and a few things feel out of date.


Tl;dr version- Good but not great anthology. I would recommend it, especially if you like stories with LGBT characters and themes.