You're Always in the Last Place You Look - T.N. Gates

I loved this immensely, and at first gave it five stars. But it's far from perfect so four stars.


So, add Gabe to the long list of characters I adore. I loved him so much. He went through so much and went through a ton of character development throughout the story and I'm so proud of him for it. As for Zane, I have a love-hate relationship with him. He's cute, he's funny, he's sweet but he's also vulnerable and has his issues. But towards the end he does some really fucking stupid things and I just wanted to smack him. So..yeah. In the end, I like Zane but at times I wanted to snack some goddamn sense into him. Other characters, let's see...oh okay, Tye and Lily are cool. And Gabe's parents are fucking fantastic. Since Gabe's father is a pastor was worried he'd be some jackass homophobe but he's quite accepting and loving and I appreciate him so much. If every religious leader was like Pastor Simmons, I would not have the issues I do with religion.


I really like the romance. But goddamn it, so many of their problems could have been solved with just some communication. I'm so sick of drama being caused by miscommunication. Zane, just fucking talk to him!


There's. so. many. grammatical. mistakes. The grammar stickler in me is dying! You're vs your is the main one I noticed. Dear author, before you write another book PLEASE learn your fucking grammar or get someone who knows grammar to help you.


Alright, this book was long. 340-ish pages isn't a lot to me, but the romances I've read usually are closer to 200. Here's the thing though: some of it could have been cut down. There's a few subplot/issues that aren't fully resolved and make the book drag on that ultimately could've been scrapped.


Tl;dr version- I really truly did enjoy this. But there's a lot of flaws/issues with it so I don't feel like it deserves five stars, as much as I loved it. I still highly recommend it, though. It's a very sweet romance.