The Young Elites - Marie Lu

For now, I'm giving The Young Elites four stars. The rating may change but the fact remains that I did enjoy it immensely. It reminds me of Throne of Glass in that aspect, that I enjoyed it despite its flaws, although to be clear Throne of Glass is nothing like this book in any other way.


Adelina is not particularly a likable character. She can be a tad irritating at times. But she is always a fascinating character. I especially like how she's so vengeful and dark and she knows that she's being horrible but she also doesn't care. She doesn't really hit quite that level of darkness until the end, but her descent into darkness is fascinating to watch and I am so excited for that to continue in the sequel. Other characters I liked and/or found very interesting: Enzo, Violetta, Teren, Lucent, Michel, basically all of them, haha.


A small thing, but I really appreciate that there's a few LGBT characters but it's not all there is to their personalities. And it's not a big deal, it's just casually said. I liked that. Raffaele bisexual? I'm kind of uncertain, but for now I think he is.


The writing was really awkward and weird at times. The tense was weird, I just don't really like present tense narration.


Also, that epilogue though! Maeve sounds really cool and I can't wait to see more of this badass warrior princess. Secondly, please let there be some Lucent and Maeve romantic moments in the next book. I need this.


Tl;dr version- On a technical level, this book has a few flaws but I still really enjoyed it so four stars it is.