The Stars Never Rise - Rachel Vincent

Meh. Coulda been worse, coulda been better.


I really don't have enough thoughts for a full review so I'll just jot down a few thoughts I had.


Things I liked: Nina's fine, and I liked her enough but she's not a character I will love and fawn over. I like Finn too. I think the best part about this book was the plot- there's a lot of action and I liked the twist at the end about the demons. Also, I highly appreciate that there's no slut shaming from the main character about Melanie!


Things I disliked: I didn't like Devi, but more importantly I didn't like how she's just a stereotypical bitchy mean girl. A little nuance would be nice. And I thought the "romance" between Finn and Nina happened waaaay too quickly, and it veered into instalove territory.


Overall, I don't think I would recommend this book. But I wouldn't dissuade anyone from reading it either. I really don't have many strong feelings about it.