The Hidden Oracle - Rick Riordan

I'm uncertain about the rating, but for now it's four stars. It was good. Enjoyable. I really liked it. But did I love it? No. I did not. My expectations were so high that of course I'm left feeling slightly disappointed. I DID enjoy it though- don't get me wrong!


Ahahaha, man there were so many funny moments. I liked it. Humor is extremely subjective, it can be hit or miss, but for me it was a total hit.


Apollo's arrogance is both charming and irritating. I like him a lot, but sometimes I wanted to smack him. Also, kudos for a bisexual MC! I really appreciate how Apollo openly talked about his former lovers both female and male, but his bisexuality wasn't a big thing. It was just casually mentioned and no one made a big deal out of it. And I really appreciate that. Meg was annoying as fuck, I didn't like her at all. Basically I mildly liked all of the characters, except for Apollo who I liked a lot and Meg whom I disliked a lot.


Okay, was I supposed to read Riordan's previous books before this? I've only read The Lightning Thief, but I thought I'd be able to read this because it was a separate series. I think tho that the events are connected. I understood for the most part the conflict but I think it would have been clearer if I'd read the other books. (edit: I've since read more books, and things are starting to make more sense). 


This is a small thing that didn't even affect my rating, but at some point Apollo mentions Clytemnestra killing Agamemnon over "one little human sacrifice he made to me" (page 188). And that just pissed me off because NO HE DIDN'T. The sacrifice was for Artemis! Seriously? I haven't even read the actual Iliad and I know that. It's a small detail but anyone who knows Greek mythology should know that shit. Fucking pissed me off.


Another small thing, but this time a good thing. Towards the end of the book Patroclus is mentioned by Apollo. And that just made my day because Patroclus, I can fairly confidently say, is my favorite character in Greek mythology. It just really made me happy that he was remembered, because a lot of times he gets forgotten.


Tl;dr version- I feel slightly disappointed, but overall I really enjoyed The Hidden Oracle! Awesome MC, lots of excitement and action, Greek mythology, and funny as hell to boot. I'm so excited for the sequel.
Before reading:
Of all the books on my to-read list, this might possibly be the most anticipated. It's actually probably a tie between this and The Raven King, but I'll leave my rambling/gushing about the Raven Cycle out of this review space. 


Why am I so excited? Greek mythology. Promises of snarky humor and sarcasm. Bisexual MC. I'M SO EXCITED. I'm not even a huge Rick Riordan fan- I've only read The Kane Chronicles and the Lightning Thief. Yet when this popped up on my radar last year (I think when it was first announced), I just got so excited at all the glorious promises in the blurb.


That's a lot of gushing for a book I haven't even read yet. If you can't tell, my expectations are sky high. If this is anything less than five or four stars, I will cry for days.