Free Falling - S.E. Jakes

Meh. Enjoyable but nothing special.


I guess I have a thing for characters named Blue (the other Blue that comes to mind is Blue Sargent from the Raven Cycle). Anyways, this Blue is fucking cool. He's a thief with a heart of gold and he's sarcastic and funny and...could he be any more lovable? So, yeah. Blue is awesome. He doesn't act like an adult, tho. He acts like a teenager. Which begs the question: how old is he?


As for the other characters? Meh. Mick's likable enough but not lovable, and there's really no other characters I gave a shit about.


While I liked the action in the last 20% of the book, I thought the plot about the drug was so fucking stupid. One really needs some suspension of disbelief to get through this book


Also, I feel like there's no reason for Laura to have been in this story. She really doesn't do anything. Also, I know nothing about multiple sclerosis (the illness she had), but according to other reviews it was misrepresented. Shame shame. Do your research, authors.


Tl;dr version- It's short. It's really a novella, I had no idea it was a novella and not a novel. So, yeah. Short. Overall, it's nothing amazing but it was enjoyable enough.