Out of Bounds (The Boundaries Series) - A.R. Barley

Well well well. What a pleasant surprise. I bought this on my kindle on a whim, and I was afraid it would disappoint. It didn't. I'm so glad I took a chance on this one, I ended up really enjoying it!


I love both our main characters. Jesse is the sweetest, most adorable guy, but he certainly can stand up for himself! He's vulnerable and sweet, but not a pushover, and I just love him. Jesse is the kind of guy that brings out people's protective instincts. He actually really reminds me of someone I know.

And Nick is hella awesome. He's got his baggage, but it never felt melodramatic or anything. He's tough but he's got a heart of gold. He's genuinely a good guy and I really like him. Talking more about characters...I love Chi-Chi! She's a very minor character (and I'm unsure of her pronouns? But I'm going to use she/her for now), but from what I saw of her she was sassy and pretty freaking awesome. Can we get a spin-off series about her, please?


So the best thing about this is that both Jesse and Nick standing alone as characters are awesome. But when they're together...wow, the romance is beautiful and sweet and so many damn feels. I LOVE the romance so much <3


So, a few complaints. Things got a little melodramatic towards the end. Like, come on Nick, get it together. Classic case of miscommunication. But they worked it out, that's good. And Kelly's kind of a jerk, but he's pretty interesting.


Tl;dr version- Overall, Out of Bounds may have its flaws but overall it was very enjoyable and I do recommend it. Was this the author's first try at writing m/m?? If so, I'm fucking impressed! This was great!