The Dream Thieves - Maggie Stiefvater

Well. The Dream Thieves was a lot of things. It was magical. It was slow at times. It was exciting at others. And most of all, it was wholly unexpected.


I grew to like Ronan in this one. Sure, he's wild and reckless and impulsive. But deep down he's quite lovable. Blue, as always, is amazing. She's smart and sensible and a little bit sassy and a feminist (hooray!). Gansey is likable but I don't love him as much. I wish there was more Noah. And Adam? Adam is my least favorite out of the bunch. He can be such a jerk. But he has his reasons, I guess.


Now, for the adult characters: The Gray Man...he certainly is interesting. He may be a killer but he's not too bad. Calla and Persephone and Maura...all amazing, strong, funny women.


If you can't tell from the above rambling paragraphs, I love the characters of The Raven Cycle. That really is the series' strength.


Its weakness, though? Plot. The story dragged and/or was confusing at times. It took longer than usual for me to finish this. The last section made up for it, but still.

And the writing is gorgeous.


Tl;dr version- The Dream Thieves, even with its flaws, is an interesting and unexpected story. I can't wait to see where the next two books lead.