Proxy - Alex London

Well, this was disappointing. I wanted to love this, I really did. But it's just very lackluster and overall I would suggest skipping this one.


I like Syd, and kudos to the author for an LGBT character whose sexual orientation isn't the only part of his personality. Syd was cool, very likable. As for the other characters? Well, to start I hate Knox. He's an irritating, selfish, ignorant little shit and he never learns his lesson.

The only decent thing he did was sacrifice himself for Syd, but even that wasn't enough to redeem him in my eyes 

(show spoiler)

And everyone else was just boring.


It started off well enough, but rapidly went downhill. The plot was unoriginal and boring and I actually had to set it down a few times because I was just so uninterested.

Usually I appreciate when there isn't a romance. Usually I like when the main focus is on the action. But not in Proxy. Why? Because the plot is so boring and a love interest for Syd would have made things more interesting.


Tl;dr version- Overall I wouldn't recommend Proxy. It's a cool idea that just failed. And I'm not going to read the sequel.