Ungodly: A Novel (The Goddess War) - Kendare Blake

What the actual fuck did I just read? This whole trilogy...I have no idea what to think of it. I'm not sure if I liked it or disliked it. All I know is that I sped through this thing, eager for the conclusion.


Alright, something I need to rant about. Achilles is the bad guy? NOOOOOOO!!!! *screams* I acknowledge that Achilles is a proud, stubborn asshole, but goddamnit Song of Achilles really endeared me to him. I cannot stand that he is the antagonist. And he didn't even turn back to the good side!


Cassandra is one of the the most annoying, whiny little shitheads I have ever had to read about. Damn her. Yeah, I get that she lost people she cared about and hates the gods. But maybe if she actually went around killing them instead of just whining and promising she would kill them I would've found her more interesting. She's annoying and also boring. I also really don't like Henry, because he's so boring. It doesn't help that he is the reincarnation of Hector, whom I despise (because Patroclus is my favorite character). Athena is actually quite boring. And I'm disappointed. And I heavily disapprove of the romance between her and Odysseus. A large part of the mythology surrounding her is that she's a virgin. That may sound terrible and sexist, but she choose to live that way so it's fine.  I don't approve of messing with the original mythology just so we can have a love story. Fuck that.


I also feel like saying one more time: I don't like Apollo in this trilogy. He never did anything to endear himself to me.


Characters I don't want to kill: Ares (yeah! He finally switched to the good side!), Hermes, Calypso, Odysseus


Um, that ending? Idk what to think of it. I mean, it was satisfying to see the conflict end but I'm still hung up over Achilles being their enemy.


Tl;dr version- So, this was a rollercoaster. I didn't like a lot of characters. But I loved a few, the plot was exciting, the writing was gory and bloody and at the same time kind of beautiful. And I'm glad things finally got settled out.