Ask Me - Kimberly Pauley

Enjoyable enough, but it's not a book that will stick with me in the long run. Therefore three stars.


Aria was quite a likable character. She had a very honest voice and just came across as very down to earth and I liked her. I also liked her grandparents, I thought they were really sweet.


So, nice characters. And the writing was pretty cool. Despite that, there were a lot of issues with Ask Me.


Aria's powers, first of all, remained vague and unexplained. There's so many possibilities to her powers but they weren't explored.


Oh my god, there was no mystery to this book. I knew who the killer was almost immediately. And the motive was strange and made no sense (although I guess that could've been the point, that the killer was just insane).


The romance in this book was terrible. I'm sorry, but all Will and Aria talked about was her powers and Jade's death. They had literally nothing in common and then Aria drops the L-word? (That's "love", by the way). Nope. Hell no.


What's with that ending?? It was kinda abrupt and I wish there was some more closure.


Tl;dr version- enjoyable enough, but there was a few issues. Ultimately it's not a book that deeply affected me, but it's good for an hour or two of entertainment.