Superhero - Eli Easton

 Edit July 2016: Lowering the rating one star because looking back, it was enjoyable but not amazing. Also, there's a scene that when I think about it, is kind of messed up and I want to talk about it. Spoilers below!!


So at one point Jordan goes to a gay bar and meets this guy. They go out to the alley and start making out/doing sexual stuff, but at some point Jordan gets uncomfortable and wants him to stop. The guy refuses. Then Owen shows up (because apparently he followed Jordan?) and rescues Jordan from his would-be rapist.


Okay. Stop. Hold on. First of all, Owen followed Jordan. That's creepy. Yeah, Owen's help was needed in the end, but that's still weird.


More importantly, was sexual assault just used as a plot device to let the hero save his love interest? Yes. Yes it was.


And that's fucked up. I can't believe I didn't notice it sooner. If Jordan had been a girl I would have been immediately calling out that shit. But he wasn't so I didn't really think about it. And I should have. I should have thought about it.


If we would find this scene deplorable in a heterosexual romance, it should not be accepted in an m/m or f/f romance. Rape should never carelessly be used as a plot device to enhance a romance, no matter what kind of romance it is.


Okay. I'm done ranting. Despite that, I still enjoyed the story and thought it was sweet and cute.


Original review from April 2016:

Well, this was adorable af.

Jordan was funny and a very likable character, Owen was a gigantic sweetheart, and Emily was pretty cool. So, A+ for characters.

I love the friends to lovers trope, so obviously I really enjoyed the romance. It was very sweet.

Full review to come? In the mean time, Yeah I'm lazy. No full review. Just know that this was a really cute romance and I recommend it. It's a little short but it's worth it.