Macbeth - William Shakespeare

Wow. Well, that certainly was entertaining. I probably won't read it again, but I'm definitely glad to have read it. I've read three plays by Shakespeare now. I loved Much Ado About Nothing, and I hated Romeo and Juliet. Macbeth falls somewhere in between that.


A few notes on the characters. Lady Macbeth is psychotic and I loved it. 

 I wish her death was more than just an offstage event. Imo, she deserved to go out with a bang. 

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Also, the Witches were creepy as fuck and I loved it. As for Macbeth himself? *awkward silence* Seriously, I have nothing to say about him. He's not an irritating character (although I can see people seeing him that way), but overall he's not the most interesting character in this play, which is weird considering he's the hero.


There's a lot of action and fighting, but there's also a lot of plotting and scheming. There's both action and building up of suspense, which I appreciated.


Alright, here's one complaint I have. So, throughout the story, I felt a growing sense of horror that heightened after each scene. The suspense was building, and I was prepping for an explosive ending. And you know what? I thought the ending was anticlimactic as fuck. 

I mean, he just dies?? Really?? Damn it, what a fucking disappointment.

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Tl;dr version- If I could only recommend one Shakespeare play, it probably wouldn't be this one. I didn't love it that much. But I found it very enjoyable and I do recommend it.