Fish Stick Fridays - Rhys Ford

Huh. Well. It wasn't bad, but it just wasn't quite what I was expecting.


Am I disappointed? I don't even know. Idk how to feel about this.


So, first things first; the characters. You know how sometimes you read about a character, and something clicks, and you just instantly like them? That didn't happen at all with this. Sure, Deacon and Lang were likable, but they didn't really have anything special about them. Honestly, I probably won't remember them in the long run. Zig, I have to say, was so cute! But damn, she's got a mouth on her, haha. Another small thing: There was this character named Yvonne that seemed really cool, and I was starting to like her. But dammit, she just kinda vanished after the halfway point. So fucking disappointing. Also, West was a fucking useless character. Why was he here, again?


One main thing I didn't like was that there's a lot going on within this book. I just feel like some of it was unnecessary drama that could have been removed.


Another thing is, the romance felt a little instalovey. They were saying shit like "I love you" waaay too soon, and there wasn't even any chemistry to justify that. So, the romance was alright but not the greatest I've ever read


From the blurb, I was expecting the relationship between Deacon and Deanna (Zig's mom and Deacon's sister) to be stronger. But Deacon himself even says they weren't all that close. I just think it's strange to refer to Deanna as Deacon's "baby sister", that suggests a closeness that's nonexistent


Tl;dr version- In the end, I'm not regretting reading this but I don't think it's worth a re-read and I'm not sure I'd recommend it to anyone else.