Winter Ball - Amy Lane

*squeals like a fangirl*


Assorted thoughts:
1. Sex scenes are very hit or miss for me, I'm very picky and it has to be written in a certain way for me to like it. In this book, I really liked them. They were so hot *blushes and fans face*
2. The romance was so full of feels. It was very sweet without being sickeningly so. God, Skipper and Richie might just be my new OTP. It was so fucking adorable I can't even.
3. Carpenter (a friend of Skip's from work) was awesome! He was such a great friend, so open and accepting. Nice guy.
4. I like how there's no unnecessary drama. There's not really a lot of external conflict, I mean there is Richie's shitty family and a homophobic teammate, but besides that the main conflict is simply the relationship growing and Skip and Richie figuring things out. That's much more realistic, in a way, and I liked it.
5. I just have to reiterate, I fucking loved this. I highly recommend it.


Full review to come when I can get my shit together and stop grinning like an idiot.