The Throne of Fire - Rick Riordan

I just gotta warn you, I'm gonna sound super pissed off in this review. But I didn't dislike this book! I was just extremely disappointed, and was so caught off guard by it that it made me annoyed.


First of all, the romance between Walt and Sadie. (And Carter and Zia, but I'll discuss that in a minute). What's with the romance in this book? It's so irritating because it distracts from the plot AND its instalove. No. Just no. And then there's a semi-love triangle between Anubis and Sadie and Walt. NO. Fuck off, love triangle. As much as I hate it, I'll take instalove over that any day.


So, let's talk about Ra.

The depiction of Ra pissed me off so much. I felt like it was very disrespectful to use Alzheimer's for comedy. I mean, obviously it isn't explicitly stated that Ra has Alzheimer's, but he's old and forgetful, so I just figured that's what it was. And it pissed me the fuck off because it was so fucking disrespectful that we were supposed to find his Alzheimer's funny 


Maybe I'm way off base, but I'm still annoyed about it.


Also, I like Carter and Sadie. I do. But they make a lot of stupid decisions. Considering the fucking world is ENDING, at times their priorities are very skewed. Sadie goes to London for her birthday instead of looking for the Book of Ra. Carter drops everything and abandons his sister to save Zia, the girl he is madly in love with for no apparent reason. Fucking get your head in the game and focus! Speaking of Zia..I hate that Carter is so infatuated with her. They've only ever technically met once. It's so stupid and it's instalovey. Although she is a cool character.


Also, Menshikov is the most annoying villain ever. His motives are so fucking stupid. 


Basically, he wants to destroy the world because he was horribly scarred trying to perform a magic ritual and it backfired and it made him all bitter and angry. Fuck that

(show spoiler)


thought the first book was pretty funny. But this one kinda fell flat. There's a few good comedic moments here and there but most times I was unimpressed.


That's a lot of negative, and I'm sorry for being a debbie-downer. So, here's what I did like: . There's a lot of action so it's never boring, and that's good. And as I said above, there's a few good comedic moments here. And I don't know why, but I like Set. Sadie and Carter think he's a villain, but I saw him as merely mischievous.


Tl;dr version- Although I'm extremely disappointed by this, I didn't completely hate it. I will still read the sequel. Let's hope it redeems the series.