More Happy Than Not - Adam Silvera

Holy hell, I have extremely mixed feelings about this. I feel let-down, but it wasn't unenjoyable.


Firstly, a warning: The title is misleading. There is no HEA, this is not a particularly happy book, and there is little to no romance. This is sad and poignant and the ending left me with no closure. Maybe you'll like that, maybe you won't.


Idk how to feel about any of the characters, and that's a problem. None of them were unlikable, but none of them stood out to me. Aaron was okay, but considering he's the narrator I didn't feel he was very interesting. I also think the idea of Leteo could have been handled differently, or else not included. That sci-fi aspect felt weird and out of place in a contemporary novel. There is an interesting twist towards the end, but in the end that's not enough to redeem the book for me.


In the long run, this isn't a book that will stick with me. I decided to rate this three stars, because although it was enjoyable enough and I got through it quickly, it's not amazing and I probably won't remember it in a year or so.


Tl;dr version- Not unenjoyable, but it was disappointing. It's one of those books where it's very subjective and you have to read it yourself to see if it's for you. But it wasn't for me. I'm not sad I read it, but I don't think I'll read it again.