There's Something About Ari - L.B. Gregg

There's Something About Ari was a short read but an enjoyable one. I wouldn't say it's amazing but I do recommend it.

I really like the romance. The banter and the chemistry between Ari and Buck is cute. Despite the book's short length, there was never an insta-love vibe, which I approve of.

I also like the characters. Buck is a really likable narrator, he's relatable and also kinda funny. Ari is really sweet and cute. And I love Tori, she's awesome.

There's something about the author's writing that I just really like, so I can't wait to read more from this author.

Tl;dr version- There's Something About Ari is a very enjoyable yet quick read. I wish it was just a tad longer. But overall I really liked it and I do recommend it.