The Blazing Star - Erin Hunter

That's it? That's really it? Fuck. I absolutely loved The First Battle (previous book), so I guess that set the bar way too high for Blazing Star. This was very disappointing. But it wasn't unenjoyable, I guess. There's a fair amount of action, so it's never a drag to read. But, damn, I had so many problems I lowered my original rating of three stars down to two.


First of all, what's with the fucking insta-love?? In the Dawn of the Clans arc, insta-love runs rampant. Gray Wing and Storm. Clear Sky and Storm. Slate and Gray Wing. Thunder and Star Flower. There was a super good romance  (Turtle Tail and Gray Wing), but

it was ruined because Turtle Tail was killed.

(show spoiler)

Knock it off, Erins. Enough with the dreadful insta-love and write an actual romance.


So, in Blazing Star somehow the narrators became really boring. I used to like (or at least appreciate) Clear Sky and Gray Wing and Thunder, but in Blazing Star they were just so bland.  The problem is that they all sound so alike. There's nothing distinguishing each other. I think the idea to have three narrators was a bad one. Shoulda just stuck with two, probably Thunder and Clear Sky? Yeah, as much as I like Gray Wing, I'm starting to think he's a really fucking useless character.


So, um..*laughs nervously* Is it bad that it's the fourth book and I'm still getting characters mixed up? There's too many of them! Not to mention, none of them are really memorable. Wind Runner, Tall Shadow and River Ripple are the only characters who never narrate that I don't forget.


So, let's talk about Star Flower. *groans* What a fucking nuisance. The fucking insta-love between and Thunder pissed me off so much.  

Lightning Tail was so right, Thunder was really blind when it came to her. She was manipulative and annoying

(show spoiler)

. Not to mention, her character was just useless. Totally unnecessary.


Tl;dr version- The First Battle set the bar so high, there was no conceivable way Blazing Star could have met my expectations. Not unenjoyable, just very disappointing.