VIcious - V.E. Schwab


Holy fucking hell, Vicious was fantastic. I'm kind of mind blown right now, tbh

There are only a few major characters, but all of them are fleshed out and so complex and everyone had a role to play (with the possible exception of Angie). Just the way I like it. It was so interesting to watch how Eli transformed from Victor's friend to this madman, to a crazy and scary villain. Eli was a fantastically creepy villain. He's really twisted and does a lot of fucked up shit, yet I felt such pity for him. Victor was the perfect anti hero. He does some questionable shit, but also has a soft side when it comes to Sydney. Mitch was also very intriguing.

This was dark. And really sad. I thought it was utterly tragic how Eli and Victor were once such good friends and then became mortal enemies. But dark is interesting.

My only complaint is, does this take place in our world, or in an alternate world? That was a bit confusing.

Tl;dr version- this was fantastic. Go read it. Right now.