The Red Pyramid - Rick Riordan

I know I'm super late, but I'm finally jumping on the Rick Riordan bandwagon. I wanted to start with The Lightning Thief, but I couldn't find it at the library, so I read The Red Pyramid instead. And I really liked it!


Egyptian mythology! YES. YES. YES. I'm not too familiar with Egyptian mythology specifically, but any sort of mythology is awesome and so I was happy to learn more about Egyptian mythology in The Red Pyramid. Definitely going to read more about that.

Now, let's talk about the characters. My absolute favorite character is Bast. She is the goddess of cats, and HOLY SHIT BAST IS THE BEST. She is so badass and funny and she's also kind of a mother figure to Carter and Sadie, which I appreciate. She's just plain awesome. I love her. Honestly, if there was a book from her POV, I would fangirl for days straight. That would be fucking epic. Out of the two narrators in this book, Sadie is definitely the more interesting. She is funny but sometimes she can be bratty, imo. Carter is not unlikable, though! Also, hooray for racial diversity! Carter and Sadie's father is African American and their mother was British, so Carter and Sadie are mixed race kids.


This was really enjoyable, but I have a few complaints. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all characters. There are a lot. But that's a minor thing. My main problem with The Red Pyramid is the "host of the gods" thing. 

It is revealed that Sadie and Carter are descended from pharaohs, and so are naturally great at magic, and share a body with the gods... or something like that. 

(show spoiler)

Honestly, it bothered me because it's just such a copout. It's too convenient that with so little training, they are amazing magicians... 

and GODS live inside them! Sure, the Horus and Isis leave Sadie and Carter in the end, but for the most part they are there to give them advice. 

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Tl;dr version: Despite a certain plot point that I felt was very special snowflake and too convenient, overall I thought this was a very enjoyable read. Can't wait for the sequel!