Written in the Stars - Aisha Saeed

Written in the Stars is a book that must be read, because its subject matter is so important. People need to read this and educated themselves about forced marriages (which, as the author points out, is not the same thing as arranged marriages)


What Naila goes through is so unfair that a few times I was shaking with rage and tears were running down my face. When a book can trigger that much emotion, you know it's a good book. Naila also has so much strength, and I rooted for her so hard.


I also thought Saif was a really sweet guy. 

For months, he searched for Naila and that sure takes dedication 

(show spoiler)

And for once I can say I approve of the romance.


Other things I really enjoyed:
1. How we are introduced to the culture of Pakistan
2. The writing is so beautiful


Tl;dr version: Not only is this book's subject matter so, so important, but Written in the Stars is just good. It has a strong and likable heroine, amazing writing, and diversity. I highly recommend.