Begin Again - Brittney Mulliner

I received a free ebook copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Begin Again started out pretty slow, but by the end I was totally enthralled with the story. I like Aubrey a lot, she is relatable and funny. And while I've never experienced what Aubrey went through, I definitely sympathize with her and her actions and thoughts felt realistic. I also love Aubrey's friends, they are so sweet and loyal and I like their bond. I also like Brandon, Aubrey's older brother.


The writing is quite good too, although I noticed a few typos. And the plot was very interesting. I liked watching Aubrey adjust to her new life.

There were only a couple things I felt the story could have been better without. The first is the fact that there are so many love interests! Not one, not two, but four. Four love interests! Luke was alright, but kind of a dumbass sometimes. Gage and Carter I really liked. And Mike. Oh my God, I hated Mike. He seemed nice at first but he eventually showed his true colors (see my status update on GR for more details). God, he was such an asshole.


Another thing is the character of Sydney. She is the stereotypical mean girl who, for some unknown reason, hates Aubrey immediately. Aubrey is a nice girl, I don't know why Sydney is so mean to her! But more importantly, her character is one-dimensional and her character doesn't actually serve much to the story.


Overall, I thought this was pretty good. A few things here and there bothered me, but I do recommend it.