When - Victoria Laurie

Wow, this was really good! I was expecting to not like this very much, because the beginning was a bit slow, and some things made no sense, and a certain character was an idiot, but I ended up really enjoying this.


I really liked Maddie, she was just really nice and I sympathized with her quite easily. The friendship between Maddie and Stubby was really cute, although Stubby kind of acted like an idiot sometimes. And Mrs. Duncan was so sweet! I hated the FBI guys at first, but they grew on me. The mystery was so interesting and it had me on my toes the whole time. The ending was super surprising, I totally did not expect it!


But, I did take away a half star, because some things did not make sense. Why would the FBI go after two teenagers, when they only had circumstantial evidence? And how Maddie got her ability to see deathdates is never explained. Plus, there were soooooo many red herrings. And I didn't like Maddie's mom.


But other than those minor things, I thought When was an interesting and enjoyable YA mystery.