Alex as Well - Alyssa Brugman

DNF at page 133.

I'm more than halfway done through this fairly short book, but you know what? I don't have the patience to continue reading. I have way too many other books to be reading, and since I need to return Alex As Well to my library, I'm DNFing.


I am so disappointed by this, because books about transgender and/or intersex people are so important, and there are so few of them. But I didn't like this very much. First of all, there are so many misunderstandings between Alex and her parents that could have been resolved if only SHE TALKED TO THEM! It irritated me so much! Communication is key. Also, Alex herself is kinda strange and I don't really like her. The two Alexes thing really confused me. And I cannot stand Alex's mom, she is horrible and selfish, but she's sort of a one-dimensional antagonist.


I am so disappointed. But, I may try this again sometime. Maybe I'll have better luck a second time.