Boyfriends with Girlfriends - Alex Sanchez

For the most part, Boyfriends with Girlfriends was a pretty decent read. There was just one major thing that severely lessened my enjoyment of the book and I am going to address that first.


Lance really bothered me. Initially, he is very biphobic and I hated him for it.


"My main worry is the bi thing....I guess that means he's still coming out" (3).


"I don't believe there really is such a thing as being bi...I just think that you're born gay or straight. One or the other" (64).


Thankfully, Sergio calls him out on it and Lance realizes he is wrong and does (for the most part) get over his biphobia. It would have been worse if it went unchecked, but I can't stand biphobia at all. Without his initial biphobia, Lance would have just been boring, but with it he was irritating.


But, I still really enjoyed this book, for the most part. I love Sergio, he's funny and relatable. And I adore the romance between Allie and Kimiko, it was very sweet. Kimiko on her own is a really cool character too.


Also, kudos for diversity! Aside from LGBT main characters (Kimiko is a lesbian, Lance is gay, Sergio is bisexual and Allie is questioning), Kimiko is Japanese-American. Awesome!


Overall, this wasn't anything particularly amazing but it was enjoyable for the most part.