Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake

Holy shit, that was awesome.


Thanks to Anna Dressed in Blood, I now love ghost stories.


I love Cas, he's sarcastic and snarky not to mention he's a freaking badass who goes around slaying evil/dangerous spirits! Pretty cool, am I right? I liked all the characters, even the villain (I didn't really like him, but I do like my ghost story villains to be scary as hell and he was).


Kendare Blake's writing...I don't know how to describe it exactly but it's brilliant and I LOVE it.


The only thing I didn't quite like is the romance between Anna and Cas. It...I don't know, it just felt weird. Not insta love, although Cas even says himself that they only knew each other for 2 months, but something like insta love.


I also wished Anna's dark side was, well, darker. For most of the book, she is the innocent girl brutally murdered by someone she trusted (by the way, Anna's story is so f-ing sad), but I would have liked to seen more of the demonic side of her that kills people.


Overall, I really liked Anna Dressed in Blood. Four stars. I recommend.


Also, just a warning: Don't read this at night.