The Ruby Circle - Richelle Mead

I'm definitely in the minority here.


But....that's it? That's the conclusion to one of my favorite series?? How disappointing. Maybe I just read this on an off day.Or maybe The Ruby Circle was written on an off day. Either way, this was a big fucking disappointment.

As a rule, you do not start a new plotline and then not finish it in the last book of a series. You just don't. Nina and Olive's story just isn't interesting. Also, it pissed me off that Adrian was so quick to help Nina find Olive, yet in Silver Shadows it took him forever to get his shit together and find Sydney.
After reading Silver Shadows, I became a big fan of Sydrian. The Ruby Circle killed any enthusiasm I had over that romance. In The Ruby Circle, Sydney and Adrian's romance became cheesy and just not sweet or endearing in any way. Another thing that really rubs me the wrong way is that Sydney wanted to go to college. And she could, since she's so smart. But instead of fulfilling her dream of going to college, she gets to be a wife


and a mother


I know she loves Adrian, but it sickens me that she gave up her dream for a guy. 
Sydney and Adrian both feel like different people in this book. I used to love both of them, but in The Ruby Circle they feel so bland.
I think after The Indigo Spell, the quality of the covers started to go downhill. I think the covers of the first three books are pretty cool, but the covers of the last three just aren't nice to look at.
At least there was a bunch of action, so I was never too bored. 
Overall, The Ruby Circle, to me, was a big let down. But I'm definitely in the minority, so I wouldn't dissuade anyone from reading it. I just hope you like it more than I did.