Ashes to Ashes  - Jenny Han

Okay, here it is, at long last: a review for Ashes to Ashes


This was a stunning conclusion to one of my favorite trilogies. I thoroughly enjoyed all three books in the Burn for Burn trilogy. I really liked it.


I really like the romance between Lillia and Reeve. Reeve is such a complex character- I both love and hate him. But he is so good to Lillia, so that romance gets my seal of approval. Lillia herself is a really nice character, and I love Kat's badassery!


So, overall I really enjoyed this. thing I didn't really like:


Mary. Firstly, I'm not sure I like the paranormal aspect that was added to the story. I was expecting contemporary. Also, Mary's character completely changed! She went from a sweet and innocent character to a vengeful, angry spirit. Her change was kind of abrupt and unexpected. I didn't like it. 

(show spoiler)


But besides that one thing, I loved this book and I thought it was a great conclusion to the trilogy.