Maybe Someday - Colleen Hoover

Well, this was a pleasant surprise. I expected this to be a cheesy and cliched romance. Instead I got a well-developed, realistic romance with likable characters and good writing.


Let's start with the romance: This book is love-triangle and insta-love free. Yay!!! I really liked the romance between Ridge and Sydney. It developed at a realistic pace, and their banter was cute and funny. I really like Ridge- he's a sweet guy. And Sydney...well, I guess she's alright. I really like Colleen Hoover's style of writing. I will definitely read more of her books.


So, that's the good stuff. And I do recommend Maybe Someday. But I have two issues with this book, and here they are:


1. Cheating. The good thing about Ridge and Sydney's relationship is that there is no insta love and it slowly develops into a realistic romance. The bad thing is that all of this happens when Ridge has a girlfriend. Sydney moves into Ridge's apartment after she finds out her roommate is screwing her boyfriend, but then she and Ridge develop feelings for each other and do a poor job of not acting on those feelings while Ridge has a girlfriend! Oh, the irony. Sydney, you're a damn hypocrite. And Ridge, how could you do that to your girlfriend?! And I also feel like Maggie got a really unsatisfying ending. I would love to see more of her.


2. The treatment of Bridgette's character. Bridgette is really bitchy (characters, even Warren who is sleeping with her, often say she has "no feelings") and she's a Hooters waitress. That ALL we know about her! The subtle slut-shaming and the implication that if you're promiscuous you're a bad person really bothered me. I'm sure that wasn't the author's intent, but it came across that way for me.


Overall, this was a good solid NA romance and I will definitely read more of Hoover's books. However, a few things prevented me from giving Maybe Someday more than three stars.