Snow Like Ashes - Sara Raasch

Hmm....I have mixed feelings about this one.


On the one hands, I'll give points for originality. Four kingdoms with eternal seasons? That's one I haven't seen before. Awesome! I really thought naming the cities in the Seasons kingdoms after months (ex: Jannuari for Winter) was pretty cool...until I realized that January isn't winter in all parts of the world. Oops! That's something an editor should have caught.


I thought Meira was alright- she came across as slightly bratty and immature at first, but definitely matured towards the end. I really like Theron- he seems like a decent love interest. Noam seems like a character that could be very interesting. But the other Winterian refugees, none of them have distinct personalities.


There were a couple things I didn't like:
1. I hated Sir- he was just an asshole. All Meira wanted was his approval, his love, but she never got it. He was a jerk.
2. The villain, Angra, was not actually present for most of the book. And when he was, I feel like he went down waaaay too quickly.
3. Hated the love triangle between Mather, Theron and Meira. She doesn't angst about it, which is good, but I feel like it shouldn't even be present.


Overall, Snow Like Ashes is not a bad book. But I felt very emotionally detached while reading it, plus I had a few problems with it. Three stars.