Tiger Lily - Jodi Lynn Anderson

This was so beautiful. And heartbreaking. I didn't cry while reading, but after finishing I felt a big, gaping hole in my heart. Tiger Lily is a really sad and dark story, but it also has its moments of light.


I really like all the characters. They're all so complex and developed. Tiger Lily is a really likable protagonist, Peter Pan is really complex, I like Tinker Bell and even characters who are supposed to be villains have enough personality and depth to feel realistic. James Hook, for instance, was not just a one-dimensionally evil character, but a villain whom you could feel sorry for. I only wish Wendy Darling got some more character development- for someone who is mentioned in the blurb, she doesn't show up until more than halfway through the story. And I think the thing with Phillip trying to "educate" Tiger Lily's tribe (I hated him, btw. Tiger Lily saves his life and he thanks her by trying to change the tribe's way of life) shouldn't have been included. It didn't serve much to the story.


I also liked the writing. Something about it was just beautiful without it being flashy or saturated with metaphors and the like.


Overall, this was a really great story. Definitely sad at times, but worth reading.