Easy - Tammara Webber

This is my first little foray into the infamous New Adult genre. And I am not impressed. I did a lot of skim reading towards the end and that does not bode well.


Easy was a very problematic read for me. The main things I took issue with were the romance and how sexual assault is portrayed.


The romance: Where do I even start? Firstly, Lucas is your typical bad boy love interest. He's not unlikable, but he doesn't stand out in any way. And then there's this whole drama 


with him having two names and not telling Jacqueline that he's the tutor


and I just felt it was really unnecessary. Also, Jacqueline and Lucas meet when he rescues her from a would-be rapist, and that did not sit well with me. Their whole relationship was based on that, and it felt insta-lovey.


How rape is portrayed:  I have never been in Jacqueline's situation, so forgive me if I sound judgmental. But I find it hard to believe that the attack would have no effect on her relationship with Lucas. She has no problem kissing Lucas and having sex with him even after she was almost raped.
And also,  I strongly believe that rape/attempted rape should not be used as a way for the heroine to be saved by the hero.


I had some big problems with Easy, but it wasn't unenjoyable. I liked Jacqueline enough, and I am so pleased that there was no slut shaming.

I'm not impressed but I didn't completely dislike Easy. So two stars.