After the End - Amy Plum

I have been fortunate in the month of March. I was able to read many good books, After the End being one of them. Let's hope this good luck continues into April.


What I liked:

•The concept of the Yara was really cool
•I like Juneau's character. She's smart and analyzes things before reacting to them and she's also brave for leaving everything behind to search for her clan. But she always has her weaknesses, her doubts. Overall a very nice character
•I like how it didn't head into love triangle territory, unlike most dystopias. There is a romance that insta-lovey but I think love triangles (when done wrong) are worse.


A few things I didn't like:

•Miles himself was a nice character,but the freaking insta-love with him and Juneau annoys me.
•For a dystopia, there's not a lot of action. I wasn't bored, but I can see someone who prefers more action and less exposition getting bored.

Overall, I think After the End was quite an enjoyable read. Definitely going to read the sequel, thanks to that goddamn cliffhanger ending.