Warriors: Dovewing's Silence - Erin Hunter

I recently read this and Bramblestar's Storm(the two standalones that take place after The Last Hope

and I am so disappointed. They're not unenjoyable. But they are nothing special and definitely not the best examples of the Warriors series.

Firstly, I said this with Bramblestar's Storm, but it's also in Dovewing's Silence. The plot is all over the place. The title is "Dovewing's Silence", but it actually focuses very little on Dovewing coping with losing her powers. This needs another story, one that's done RIGHT. The main conflict in this novella is actually Thunderclan learning to trust the five cats who trained in the Dark Forest again. Even though in the end, those five chose to stand with Thunderclan, there is still some suspicion towards them. If that interests you, I think you'll love this. If you're looking for a book actually focuses on Dovewing, then stay away!

This is not something I want a newbie reading. Dovewing's Silence is underwhelming and SHORT, and it does not give the best impression of the Warriors saga. If you want a list of books from the Warriors saga that I recommend, look at my review of Battles of the Clans