The First Battle - Erin Hunter

I am a long-time fan of all the Warriors books. Some are definitely better than others. But of all the books, I think this book is the best. That's a large claim, that The First Battle is the best of all the Warriors books. But I truly believe that and here's why:

You see, firstly I teared up reading this. I've only cried reading a handful of books and this is one of them. I have a heart of ice, so if I cry that means the book is very moving. And The First Battle is very moving. If, like me, you are a fan of the Warriors saga, there is something very powerful of seeing everything 

just fall into place. The clans are finally starting to be established and that really made me emotional.

Another reason I think this book is so brilliant is that it shows the POV of the supposed villain, Clear Sky. And it turns out he's not as much as a villain as we'd thought. The best thing about The Dawn of the Clans books is that there are no true villains. No one is purely evil just for the sake of it. Even Clear Sky, who has done some despicable things, when things are told from his perspective, is shown to have some goodness inside of him. I think it shows the maturity of the writer when there isn't just a villain who is just one-sidedly evil, but rather characters with complicated and misunderstood motives.

Also, in this book, there's a lot of action. In general, there's never a dull moment in a Warriors novel.

So overall, I think that The First Battle definitely is the best example of the Warriors saga. But to understand it, you have to read The Sun Trail and Thunder Rising, the first and second books respectively. The Sun Trail is decent enough but nothing special and Thunder Rising is entertaining but again, not anything particularly amazing. But it's worth it, when you finally get to The First Battle.