Lips Touch: Three Times - Jim Di Bartolo, Laini Taylor

Reading this book was like eating a very sweet and delicious cake.

Okay, that may sound like a weird thing to say, but hear me out. Lips Touch: Three Times 

is like cake because both are beautiful, both are delicious and it feels good when you consume it (although obviously you're not eating the book, you're reading it) and both leave you satisfied when you finish but at the same time wanting more.

Laini Taylor deserves a shiny gold medal for being an excellent and brilliant writer. Somehow, she's able to use beautiful, descriptive prose without it turning purple and bogging down the story. Or stories, in this case.

Let me talk about each story separately

Goblin Fruit-
This needs a sequel. It definitely finished on an open- ended note. It was a little unsatisfying, but overall I still enjoyed it. Kizzy was a very intriguing character and I would read more about her in a heartbeat.

Spicy Little Curses-
Although the first story was great, this was better. It's hard for me to find words to describe it. All I can say is that it's awesome and READ IT.

This is the best of the three. In such a short story, we are introduced to three complex and intriguing characters and an intricate and beautiful world of demons known as the Druj. It's a fantastic story, easily the best of the three.

Overall, Lips Touch has fantastic writing and three amazing stories. Add it to your TBR list RIGHT NOW. And then read it as soon as you possibly can. Go on. I'm waiting.