Girl of Nightmares - Kendare Blake

A good sequel to Anna Dressed in Blood.

There were a few things that I wish were different/didn't like, but let's start with the good stuff:

Firstly, Cas! The sarcastic, smart-ass ghost hunter is back. But now I also see him in a new light. He's torn up over Anna, and he can't move on. He needs closure. And this makes him a more complex character than in the first book.

I also really like Carmel and Thomas. Alone, both of them are endearing; Carmel's feisty and tough, Thomas is a bit more quirky. And together, I think I like their relationship.

I also am pleased that the romance between Cas and Anna turned out the way it did; that

Cas was eventually able to let her go


And I'm glad Anna finally got a happy ending; that girl deserves to rest in peace.

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And Kendare Blake is a fantabulous writer; she has a way with words I could only ever dream of having.

So, I said I didn't like a few things, and the main one is there is considerably less ghost-busting than in the second book. A lot less action in general. Things get interesting in the latter half of the novel but at first, things kinda dragged.

I also didn't like Jestine, she was annoying.

And another big thing is that Anna is more often spoken of than actually present. In the first book, I thought Anna was a very interesting character, and was hoping to see more of her, but she's even less present than in Anna Dressed in Blood.

But overall, a satisfying end to Cas's story.