Battles of the Clans - Erin Hunter

I decided to read this because I recently got back into the Warriors saga and I am trying to read every single book.

This was a great book that describes each clan's fighting techniques. There are also a few new stories about warriors from all four clans, centered on battles. There was a story about Blackstar that made me see him in a different light. I respect him a little bit, just a little, more.

Overall, I highly recommend to Warriors fans. If you're new to the series, you might want to read a few books before this one.

Because there are so MANY books in the Warriors saga, here is the list (in order) of all the books in the main arc. This does not include the Dawn of the Clans books, or the Super Editions (which can be read independently of the main books.
Also, please note that you can stop reading after the sixth book in each sub-series and you won't miss anything
Order of Books:


Warriors Original (or simply Warriors)

Warriors 1: Into the Wild
Warriors 2: Fire and Ice
Warriors 3: Forest of Secrets
Warriors 4: Rising Storm
Warriors 5: A Dangerous Path
Warriors 6: The Darkest Hour

Warriors: New Prophecy

Warriors: New Prophecy 1: Midnight
Warriors: New Prophecy 2: Moonrise
Warriors: New Prophecy 3: Dawn
Warriors: New Prophecy 4: Starlight
Warriors: New Prophecy 5: Twilight
Warriors: New Prophecy 6: Sunset

Warriors: Power of Three

Warriors: Power of Three 1: The Sight
Warriors: Power of Three 2: Dark River
Warriors: Power of Three 3: Outcast
Warriors: Power of Three 4: Eclipse
Warriors: Power of Three 5: Long Shadows
Warriors: Power of Three 6: Sunrise

Warriors: Omen of the Stars

Warriors: Omen of the Stars 1: The Fourth Apprentice
Warriors: Omen of the Stars 2: Fading Echoes
Warriors: Omen of the Stars 3: Night whispers
Warriors: Omen of the Stars 4: Sign of the Moon
Warriors: Omen of the Stars 5: The Forgotten Warrior
Warriors: Omen of the Stars 6: The Last Hope