Ninth Key - Meg Cabot

The Mediator series is definitely become one of my favorites. Perhaps it's too soon to say that since I've only read the first two books? But I definitely like it.

So, let's talk about Suze for a minute. This girl is everything I want to be. She's tough. She's sarcastic, and funny. She's relatable. She's just freaking awesome. I would want this girl as a friend. She's just a character I really clicked with. And that is a super rare occurrence.

The thing I like about the Mediator books is you don't have to focus a lot. It's a nice, easy read and while I like books that are thought-provoking and deep, I also like when I can just relax with a book, when I can just effortlessly turn the pages. Not to say it's all fluff- the Mediator books do raise some interesting questions about the afterlife. But it's definitely a book that doesn't require you to clear your head and focus before reading.

Jesse, Jesse, Jesse. He is both a fictional character AND dead. Simply painful. Why can't guys like him exist in the real world?? Or at least, at my school??

Overall, a book perfect for relaxing with on a Friday night. Five stars.