The Vast Fields of Ordinary - Nick Burd

The Vast Fields of Ordinary isn't really a terrible book. I just feel so emotionless after reading it. I just don't care.

It was easy enough to get through. At first it was kinda boring but things picked up once Dade met his friend Lucy. Something about the writing was nice and Dade was a fairly likable character. He kinda acts dumb at times but whatever.

Also, what was the tragedy mentioned on the back cover? Some random kid that he didn't even know disappeared? Kind of a let down.

Okay, I have three big problems with The Vast Fields of Ordinary and the first one is: the romance. Alex was a nice character, but felt two dimensional at times. Sometimes things felt insta-lovey between him and Dade.

The second issue is Pablo's ending. I really wish he got a more happy ending because although he was an asshole, I felt sorry for him.

He didn't deserve to die

(show spoiler)

. I wish maybe he went and got help. He may have been a jerk most of them but he didn't deserve what happened to him.

And the biggest problem I have with The Vast Fields of Ordinary is the way drug usage is portrayed Alex, the love interest, is a drug dealer. This never negatively affects their relationship. Dade and his friends use drugs quite frequently throughout the novel and never have to face any consequences for their actions. This is a book that teenagers are going to be reading. We do not need a book telling them that drugs are okay. Don't do drugs, kids!

So, without those three things I might have given the book three stars. Two and a half stars it is.

So many better LGBT books out there (like Openly Straight by Bil Konigsberg). You'd be better off reading that book than this.